Eraskh Wine Company

Foundation Year: 1969

Address:  Ararat region, Eraskh village, Rafik Ohanyan street 3

Tel: +37494 449084, +37494 405767, +37493 405767


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Eraskh is the southernmost point of the Ararat Valley, where the sweetest and most fragrant grapes grow and where the temperature drops are highest. Thus, here, having the largest “angels’ shares”, brandy is aged better, acquiring the taste of the best cognacs of the Soviet times. Hagop Hoganisyan became the founder and director of the “Yerakh Wine Plant”. According to M. Sedrakyan’s plans, the best cognac spirits for the production of cognacs exclusive at that time were supplied from here. Later, the plant was privatized by the winemaker Razmik Tevonyan, thanks to which the best traditions and the oldest spirits of those times were preserved.